Custom Designed Cupcakes. We will make them for any of your special celebration needs.

This page displays the gallery of our works, photos of some customized cupcakes we have done.

Extensive range of Margaret’s customized cupcakes spread out into an interesting growing range of designs, shapes, sizes and colors over time.

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Beautifully prepare and package for your special day. A lovely treat for you and your guests.

If you are searching for stunning customized cupcakes that make an eye catching centerpiece and memorable statement on your special event ...

Margaret's Customized Cupcakes are so versatile that it allows us to customize our client's design to suit their specific requirements and occasion, to give special meaning to their celebration and special occasion.. Ideal for birthday, get well, thank you, house warming etc.

Margaret's provide the service and commitment and we have done it so often..

We offer custom designed cupcakes to suit your occasional needs such as special parties, birthdays, baby showers, thank you, welcome/farewell, staff celebrations and the list goes on. Our cupcakes can be simply frosted or decorated with your party theme or wordings. We'll conceptualize the cupcakes to make them pretty for the occasion or party. These could include for example, more complex designs like crafted 3Ds, butterflies, flowers, characters, dolls, kids' favorite characters etc. etc. We offer multiple flavors and fillings often from our standard classic cupcakes and pair them together with the custom designs of your choice, in any way you would like to suit the requirements of your celebration. We do all these to enhance the look and make your cupcakes more aesthetically appealing for the occasion! We specialize in creating your ultimate cupcake.

Due to the amount of manual work involved, custom cupcakes will start at S$4 each, prices vary by the design. Usually they are available between S$4 – 6.
Price depends on the custom cupcakes of your requirements

We specialize in creating your ultimate cupcakes

We'll conceptualize and make the cupcakes pretty for your occasion with fine designs like crafted or printed kids ' favorite characters, dolls, butterflies, flowers etc.

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