Cookie’s testimonials

Tried & tasted!

Margaret’s cookies are delicious, fresh and crunchy. My 2 children polished a bottle of her salted caramel with macadamia nuts cookies in a single day. This is an absolute die die you must try cookie! Her pineapple tarts have a buttery crust with just the right amount of yummy sweetness, one of the best I have ever eaten. Highly recommended!

Samantha Foo

‘Can’t get Enough of Those Chocolate Chip Cookies!’
“I am a self-confessed cookies fanatic and when I discovered Margaret Cookies available during festive seasonal period, I just had to try and couldn’t believe the Chocolate Chip cookies are so yummy !!!! And they taste so fresh too!
Mum of 3

‘I can always count on your cookies to make a nice gift’
Last week I sent 2 containers of your cookies to my friend who was recovering in the hospital. She got in touch with me and RAVED over your cookies and said she never tasted anything so good. It was nice to hear this and I thought I’d pass it along to you, thank you.
Shirley, manager

“I found Margaret Cookies on the web and was intrigued with the idea of Hae Bee Hiam in cookie form. An initial order as a gift for a friend translated into 20 more – of which I am happy to have sampled here in Melbourne. The lovely HBH cookies are Crunchy, Fragrant and possess a nice Spicy Kick!”
Hui Leng

‘Your Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best I’ve had anywhere!’
Being an avid and discerning chocolate chip cookies lover, I would like to officially endorse your amazing chocolate chip cookies to be the best!
Ted, Chocolate chip lover

‘The best mouth watering pineapple tarts I’ve ever had!’
Wow! The pastry is so soft and buttery, the pineapple jam is in the right texture and not too sweet, just right and fantastic!… whole taste of the tart blends in very well and melts in your mouth!!…and these homemade tarts are not only great tasting but very affordable.
So damn good, Margaret, thanks! Jess

I simply love Margaret Cookies especially her chocolate chips ones. I can finish off one container of the chocolate chip cookies in a sitting while watching my favourite TV shows…..
John, 21

The cookies are fresh, crunchy and very different from the commercial cookies that are being sold around. You can taste it’s homemade. Whenever I bring her cookies to work, my friends can tell I’m eating them because of the aroma. I had to eat the cookies in secret or else I wont have enough after sharing with my colleagues!

My girlfrens and I share our bonding and gossips over Margaret Cookies. It’s a great way to have get-togethers 🙂
Cristobel, 19

My mummy buys Margaret Cookies as a gift for her friends and for my teachers too. My teachers tell me the cookies are very delicious and nice.
Jessica, 11

I ordered the chocolate chip cookies and was surprised with the quantity and quality. I will definitely order from you again!
Michael, Teacher

Just wanted to say thanks for delivering the cookies. My friend said the pineapple tarts were amazing, and the choc cookies super amazing! Thanks a lot, I’m looking forward to the chance of having some in Tokyo too.

“I love how your website made ordering easy, and your service for gifts is a fantastic way for me to send gifts to my friends and relatives, thank you.”
C Smith

Dear Margaret,

I want to share some positive feedback w.r.t the rushed orders of cookies which you did for me 🙂
Firstly, feedback from our customer – Credit Suisse, the cookies were a hit with his team!

On my side, the chocolate cookies were really tasty, it was less sweet than Famous Amos, but really delicious.

My colleagues told me the same, and unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste the cornflake ones, but I would love to in future.

In fact, my colleague’s wife (Kriz) told me she’s already placed an order with you!

Thanks for the great professionalism and tasty cookies, the overall sticker with the logos turned out great too.

They were truly presentable, I would recommend this to anyone.

Hi Margaret,

I LOVED your Pineapple Cookies soooo much! They taste awfully good! I love the buttery taste of the cookies that melt in my mouth and the pineapple paste is just nice for its taste – not too sour. I never had such good pineapple tarts for a long time! I can’t bear to finish it because I only bought one bottle to try but it’s finishing! 🙁 My husband loves the hae bee hiam cookies! He finished one whole bottle within one week! 🙂

However when I stepped upon your website, wanting to order more again, I saw that the order for CNY cookies are closed till end of CNY – 15th day. I’m wondering if I can still order them after CNY, along with 1 Chocolate chip and 1 cornflake cookies?


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