About Us

At Margaret’s, we realise that consumers come to us again and again to indulge in our delicious desserts. That encouraged us to start the business. For some it is for celebration, for others it is just simply for pleasure. Whatever it is, they’ve come to appreciate our unique and exquisite cookies, cupcakes and cakes, reflecting on our pride and flavour in offering the discerning taste and experience that is synonymous with Margaret’s. Our freshly baked treats have inspired quite a queue of regular customers over the years, both private and corporate. We have grown to include corporate events.

Our customers have come to recognize us for our unique and premium products and excellent service the last 5 years,  the flavor, taste and experience that is synonymous with Margaret’s.

Thank you to those who have entrusted us and made orders of our cookies, cupcakes and cakes.

A little about Margaret. Her passion is baking especially cookies, cupcakes and cakes. Giving enjoyment and smiles to her customer’s taste buds has fueled her growth in her home baked business for the last couple of years. She has baked for loved ones and friends for over 20 years. During this period, her passion grew to include creating new recipes to stir up one’s palate. she has worked passionately and continuously at her craft to bring her customers cookies, cupcakes and cakes of excellent taste and quality. She never knows what lies beyond the horizon, but she does know that she will continue to let others taste and enjoy the good things in life. A passion that started at home has now become a business for others to enjoy.