Our fondant cake boutique

Lovin' from the oven! Our fondant cake boutique produces hand-crafted custom cakes and decorations for all occasions;

Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, christenings, farewells, welcomes, thank you, appreciations & staff celebrations, conferences, wine tasting events etc.

This page displays the gallery of our works, photos of some customized cakes we have done.

Extensive range of Margaret's Customized Cakes spread out into an interesting growing range of designs, shapes, sizes and colors over time.

Get a larger image of the photo when you click over the thumbnails of the Gallery... have fun!

Customized Cakes

We specialize in creating your ultimate cake

We'll conceptualize and make the cake pretty for your occasion with complex designs like crafted 3Ds kids ' favorite characters, dolls, butterflies, flowers etc.

Talk to us about your cake requirements

Contact us here and we 'll be most happy to assist you on your cake requirements and design expectations.