Cookie, cupcake & cake pastry creation is like a work of art... MARGARETCOOKIES

Online order of wide variety of customized fresh cookie, cupcake & cake designs for your special needs and guaranteed delivery in Singapore!

Custom Design Cookies

Delicious little works of Art
We do character and theme decorated cookies
Some individually hand-piped using soft butter cream frosting
We only bake in small batches
Each cookie you buy will taste its freshest

Custom Design Cupcakes

Conceptualize design cupcakes make them truly special to suit your special parties
Birthday, baby shower, wedding, christening, farewell, welcome, thank you, staff celebration and even wine tasting event ..the list goes on
We only bake in small batches

Custom Design Cake

Spending time not only on perfecting our the recipe, but also on our crafting skills that make our cakes a cut above the rest
Catering to clients in Singapore with a discerning sense of style and taste
Each cake is an original work of art


We Have Worked On Corporate Events For Companies ; Event Consulting – Event Design – Event Rendering

For your next corporate event we will be pleased to arrange your set-up – from set design to production. It’s important that all corporate requirements are professionally thought through and carried out. If you have an event in mind, let us know. Spice up your event with creative eye-catching centerpiece display and memorable statement.

We are closed for SG orders.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

SG50 National Day Cupcakes and Cookies ..Check it out!

SG50 Icon cookies!

SG50 icon cookies with a specially designed and personalized head topper!

National Day Cookies!

Celebrate SG50 in sweet style! Celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence

Happy Nurses’ Day!

Nurses' Day Cookies your gratitude and appreciation to the nurses of Singapore for their hardwork!

Nurses Day Cookies

Don’t forget Nurses’ Day

..thank the nurses who have made a difference with our elegant looking cookies & cupcakes!

Nurses' Day Cupcakes

White Elegant Looking Nurses’Day Cupcakes & Cookies